LPG and natural gas testing

J.S. Hamilton Poland Sp. z o.o. provides a full range of independent inspection and accredited testing of LPG and other gas products. Our offer is addressed to oil companies, importers, terminal operators, LPG bottling plant operators, wholesale distributors, gas stations owners and government agencies interested in independent information on the LPG quality in accredited laboratory.
Samples are collected by authorized inspectors who are available round the clock seven days a week. J.S. Hamilton Poland Sp. z o.o. is the only company in Poland who have a network of four own LPG testing laboratories in Gdynia, Katowice, Małaszewicze and Sokółka. Therefore, we are able to present the results of analyzes of LPG within 12 hours from sampling anywhere in Poland. We provide inspection services and laboratory testing across the country and working with the Inspectorate International™ also around the world.
J.S. Hamilton Poland Sp. z o.o. offer LPG control includes:


  • sampling cisterns, tank wagons and tanker trucks and ship tanks in compliance with PN-EN ISO 4257:2004
  • sample collection from gas station distributors in compliance with ZN/MG/CN-18:2007
  • routine and ultimate LPG and natural gas testing conducted in-house labs Gdynia, Katowice, Małaszewicze and Sokółka
  • regular training and consulting in motorgas composition
  • comprehensive quality monitoring FQMS – Fuel Quality Monitoring System
  • laboratory outsourcing services
  • quantitative settlement



LPG testing in compliance with PN-EN 589 and propane butane mix testing in compliance with PN-96008:1998


  • hydrocabons C1 – C8 (including propane and butane)
  • total diene content (including 1.3 butadiene)
  • vapor pressure min 150 kPa at a temperature
  • vapor pressure at 40°C
  • motor octane number
  • density at 15°C
  • copper strip corrosion test
  • total sulfur content
  • water content
  • evaporation residue
  • mineral oil content
  • odor
  • hydrogen sulfide
  • ammonia
  • vapor pressure at -15°C, 40°C, 70°C
  • calorific value



Propylene testing is run to ASTM D-5273:2002 industry standards:


  • total chlorine content
  • total sulfur content
  • hydrocarbon composition
  • benzene content
  • CO, CO2 content
  • H2S, NH3 content
  • methanol content
  • acetylene-type hydrocarbons



LPG and other liquefied light hydrocarbons quality and quantity testing:


  • N2, O2, CO2 content
  • hydrocabons C1 – C8
  • THT content
  • gross and net calorific value
  • density
  • Wobbe index



Additional LPG testing services, propane, butane:


  • methanol, acetonitrile, acetone, propane-1-ol, propane-2-ol
  • mercury
  • trace amounts of water – Karl Fischer method
  • corrosion inhibitor
  • ammonia, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride
  • H2S, COS, CS2, mercaptans, sulfide gas chromatography analysis for sulfide
  • R-number
  • O-number
  • evaporation test
  • doctor test
  • contamination analysis of utility and technological installations