Consumer Products

Candles and raw material used for manufacture

One of the earliest forms of illumination, candles have served vital function for humankind for more than 2000 years. Throughout this time one was determined to improve quality of candles and ensure its safety.

Moreover, humankind has always been trying to minimize risks such as autoignition, household fires, property damage, burn injuries and adverse effects from toxic coating materials or soot.

Nowadays, consumers are fully aware of such risks. J.S. Hamilton testing laboratories perform safety testings minimizing such risks not only help manufacturers improve product performance and quality, but also give consumers confidence that products are safe to use in their homes.



J.S. Hamilton testing laboratories provide detailed analysis and assessment on:

  • raw material (wax base)
  • candles
  • tea lights
  • floating candles
  • grave lights / memory lights
  • insect repellent candles


All tests are done in accordance with the following standards and guidlines: PN-EN, EN, ASTM, DGF-Einheitsmethoden, IOS (Ikea) and in compliance with:

  • EN 15493:2007
  • EN 15426:2007
  • RAL-GZ 041 – standard Quality Association for Candles
  • IKEA IOS-PRS-0007 – standard IKEA


For all candle products, J.S. Hamilton testing laboratories provide the following services:

  • visual examination
  • stability test
  • burning test
  • soot index (smoke)
  • and many other tests for raw materials used for production of candles