Cosmetics Branch

Efficiency and quality testing (in-use / instrumental tests)

In-use tests are designed to determine the quality of a cosmetic product supporting producers claim.

Moreover, product claims need to be supported by robust evidence during product use.

Tests are carried out by several dozens of volunteers who test products during specified time and conditions. Our team of experts – dermatologist, ophthalmologist and/or gynecologist provide supervision of volunteer trial carried out largely at home (home use test). Evaluation of the cosmetic product is always carried out in accordance with testing specification. Directions and frequency of applications is adjusted to cosmetic type, we also provide tests in beauty salons, hairdresser.

Instrumental test provides objective result of skin assessment after the test and the effect of a beauty  product on skin. The principle of the instrumental test is skin assessment and is a method of evaluation whether products are safe and effective for consumer use.


Our lab is geared with the world market leader in skin testing equipment Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH which provides with accurate and credible result and substantiating a product claims for packaging and advertising. Tests are carried out on few dozen group of volunteers, their selection is based on a type of a cosmetic product and the target group. The clinical observation of the effects is carried out by a  group of well – qualified experts who provide one with impartial  assessment of the result after withdrawal of the patch.


J.S. Hamilton Lab offers:


  • instrumental testing under control of an expert
    • skin tolerance assessment
    • subjective evaluation of each volunteer
    • individual selection of volunteers based on test requirements


  • instrumental testing on Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH equipment
    • skin hydration level measurement
    • pH level measurement
    • skin smoothness level measurement
    • biomechanical parameters measurement (firmness and/or elasticity)
    • TEWL measurement
    • measurement of the level of erythema / skin redness
    • skin color measurement (melanin content)
    • measurement of length and depth of wrinkles (3D photo)
    • skin roughness and exfoliation measurement
    • sebum secretion measurement
    • hair thickness and density measurement
    • macrophotography of the skin in zoom 30-times
    • soothing effect using Stinging test