Food Branch

Sensory analysis

Sensory analysis takes a special place among food testing. Owing to its nature, it provides product information that is impossible to achieve by other research techniques. The need to acquire and use this information when creating, controlling and optimizing products has resulted in a systematic increase in interest in sensory analysis. This has contributed to the development of this type of analysis and to strengthening its position in basic laboratory testing.


Entrusting sensory tests to experienced experts is essential to gain credible and useful information. J.S. Hamilton Poland laboratory has been conducting sensory research, carried out in standardized and controlled conditions, for years. It is possible thanks to a modern laboratory that meets the necessary standards. A well-trained and continuously monitored team of experts performs research using standardized methods and their own research procedures. Among the basic methods of sensory analysis, the laboratory uses new methodological concepts, implemented to increase the usefulness and completeness of information needed to make proper technological or business decisions.