Cargo Control

Inland inspections

J.S. Hamilton Poland Sp. z o.o. provides comprehensive quality and quantitative of agriculture products inspections across country.


Inspection services:

  • weight determination of break bulk – weighing supervision (calibrated scales, weighbridge etc.) measurement is warehouses
  • supervision of cargo loading, discharging and storage
  • sampling
  • storage conditions in warehouses
  • photographic reporting
  • inspection reports in Polish and English languages
  • training and advisory
  • tank and hold cleanliness


Additionally, we offer a range of services regarding commodity inspections across country:

  • pre-shipment inspections
  • damage assessment expertise
  • determination of the amount of stored commodities
  • loading and discharge supervision
  • guidance, advisory and training


As we have an extensive network of foreign partners we can provide such services not only across Europe but also in other countries. We also issue certificates of unloading of commodities in the form required by the Agricultural Market Agency.