Coal and coke inspection testing and quantitative control

J.S. Hamilton Poland Sp. z o.o. offers a full range of services such as independent inspection and testing of coal and coke. Our services are offered to coal companies, power plants, importers, distributors and customers interested in reliable, independent information on the quality of solid fuels conducted in accredited laboratory. Test results can be the basis of financial settlements. Our extensive network of branches on the eastern border guarantees full support for the inspection of imported solid fuels, from countries, such as: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. We provide inspection services across Poland and globally cooperate with the Inspectorate International™. Hamilton labs, for companies covered by European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, have prepared monitoring of CO2 emitted amounts into circulation.

Our offer:

  • inspection, quantity control, supervision of truck, wagon and shipment loading and discharging
  • weighing supervision
  • sample collection from stockpiles, wagons, trucks
  • sieve analysis, lab analysis
  • wagons, stockpiles and ship cleanliness inspections
  • draft survey
  • stockpile measurements by laser survey
  • routine and ultimate analyzes performed in our labs in Gdynia and Katowice, quality supervision
  • arbitrary and comparative analysis
  • determination of CO2 emission covered in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme
  • on-site biomass moisture measurement analysis


Coke and coal, slag and fly ash (combustion waste) testing services

  • moisture test (total and flow)
  • ash content
  • volatile matter content
  • sulfur, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen content
  • heat of combustion (calorific value)
  • fusibility temperature of ash
  • coal and ash elemental content
  • chlorine, phosphorus and other elements content
  • Audibert-ARNU Dilatometer, Giesler
  • RI number


Combustion waste (slag and fly ash)

  • moisture content
  • ash content
  • carbon content


CO2 emission

  • CO2 level
  • oxidation


Accredited J.S. Hamilton Poland Sp. z o.o. laboratory with over 50-years-experience in fuel testing (former Central Chemical Laboratory Polcargo) provides results of the research which are the basis for financial settlements and provide reliable information on quality of solid fuels. Our well-equipped research coal labs are in Gdynia and Katowice.



Load and discharge supervision and inspection significance


The constant presence of J.S. Hamilton’s inspectors in ports, terminals and border crossings minimizes our customer financial losses during reloading operations and ensures supervision on the quality of the goods. Additionally, our vast network of branches provide a full range of inspection activities in the area of industrial plants anywhere in the country.