Food Branch

Technical And Legal Support For Food Microbiology

Will we be “step ahead of bacteria”? The emergence of the “New Delhi” superbug, which is not yet cured, and which is considered to be one of the greatest threats by the World Health Organization, shows the ways of survival, environmentalization, chemical warfare and continuity. Therefore, to prevent the pathogens not only the knowledge about their adaptive properties, but also high hygiene standards are required, from the raw material producers, to the end of the chain – the consumer. Most spoiled foods do not cause food poisoning. In addition, environmental stimuli imposed on bacteria can activate some virulence determinants and thus accelerate the rate of bacterial evolution, which means creating new pathogens capable of surviving in unfavorable conditions.


Our expertise supported by microbiological research and valid scientific knowledge, allows manufacturers to understand and prevent the emergence of microorganisms in the technological process.